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Here's a few of the many people who gave us a little feedback!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you my thoughts on my audit experience with Nicholas Skovran. I work in engineering and was audited for design. I was a little nervous having a new auditor, but Mr. Skovran was very professional, asked all the right questions and gave some good feedback on ideas to improve our system. He also audited in such a way that provided insight on the most important aspects of design and change management. The experience was helpful and was handled is such a way to put me at ease enough to deliver answers, proof, etc. of our processes. I very much appreciate when I come in contact with a professional who acts as such, professional. I asked him for his supervisor's contact information so I could share with you that he is doing a great job!

Valerie Watson, Industrialization Manager, Altronic LLC

The detailed explanation of how to complete the statistics on paper. The sample test questions and written solutions were very insightful.

Dennis Hayden, Precision Resource

I searched and searched the Internet to see if I could take a course to help me. I wasn't interested in a 1 week $1500 boot camp. I wanted a course that would keep me refreshed until I take the exam. I spend an hour a day reading but needed more. Your refresher course was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed the first session and look forward to the other sessions. My confidence and excitement for the sitting of the exam is back. Thanks!!!

Sonya Boone, Fuquay Varina, NC