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Creating Collaboration

Collaboration, involvement, empowerment, trust and respect can all be considered cornerstones of today's successful organization. These same values can be easily transferred to everyday operations and the interactions between the key players.

Customer perceptions of service depend on their expectations of organizations and their professionals. Perceptions also evoke satisfaction and dissatisfaction measures that must be assessed. Customers enter the organizational system with a variety of characteristic, attitudes, and prior experiences. These, coupled with the knowledge and information they receive form these professionals, enable them to define their situation and to outline, at least mentally, what they perceive to be their own needs for satisfaction.

The organizational relationship is in need of definition with respect to interdependence. This service will develop those relationships.


- Improved quality of work life
- Improved productivity
- Decreased length of time in service
- Improved quality and timelines of customer service / patient care


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