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Strategic Planning & Policy Development

This program will describe the essential elements required to assist in the development, alignment or implementation of the strategic plan of your organization. Strategic Planning is one of the cornerstones upon which organizations can develop their short and long-term organizational objectives. Utilizing Strategic Planning will insure your quest for excellence is successful. Topics that are stressed are the elements for innovation in the team environment and the tools required to develop quality features. These design features can be ingrained into everyday operations and will meet and/or exceed your customer’s expectations.

Traditional planning practices included a short planning phase and a lengthy implementation phase. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that the implementation phase is often riddled with false starts and redesign activities. Strategic Planning lengthens the planning phase which reduces the overall time line.


- Incorporates “key players” into the planning process
- Based on customer defined needs
- Utilizes logical and creative tools
- Develops "a new way of thinking"


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