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Healthy Leadership

This program will provide the motivational and managerial elements of effective communication, empowerment, and commitment which are essential for organizational effectiveness to cascade throughout the organization.

The combined pressures of re-engineering, restructuring, and increased productivity require the understanding of the deep-rooted paradigm shift which must accompany your change management effort. This understanding is essential to the effective implementation of that effort within the existing structure of the organization.

This service will define, through role playing and practical examples, the leadership values that will be required of clinical and administrative managers to achieve organizational effectiveness in the new and ever changing business environment. This new art of leadership will ultimately assist in transforming the organization from a compliance based to a commitment based organization.

This transformation requires a new type of leadership - one which embraces the principles of vision, involvement, and persistence. This session will provide the audience with the essential elements to use in their everyday activities.


The participants will be able to understand the differences between the various roles of:

Traditional Management vs. Healthy Leadership

Plan vs. Brainstorm
Organize vs. Facilitate
Direct vs. Coach
Coordinate vs. Involve
Control vs. Empower


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