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Capability Analysis

The Natural Process Limits are the "voice of the process". The Specification Limits are the "voice of the customer". An obvious and direct way of assessing the capability of a stable process is to compare the Natural Process Limits with the Specification Limits.

If the Natural Process Limits for a stable process fall entirely within the Specification Limits, then the process can be said to be in the Ideal State: it is in control and producing 100% conforming product. Such a process is said to be both stable and capable.

The smaller the natural process limits (six sigma) is in relation to the upper and lower specification limits, the more capable is the process so long as it is properly centered at the nominal (target) dimension. An objective of capability analysis should be to seek methods to continually reduce six sigma even when six sigma is well within the upper and lower specification limits.

Note: In our experience, a pre-test and post–test provides your organization a barometer of how well the participants grasped the key concepts. Although a fifth grade reading level is required, we recommend taking the SPC course as a prerequisite to all participants.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

- Understand the "voice of the customer" and the "voice of the process"
- Learn the terms associated with capability analysis such as Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk
- Understand the difference between "short-term" and “long-term” indices
- Be familiar with all the indices and how they are calculated
- Understand the normality assumption and be able to handle non-normal data
- Know "how to" conduct a capability study
- Know "how to" interpret capability analysis results

Participants will have opportunities to engage in enlightening interaction, hands on exercises, group work, and practice sessions. During the course, team members will glean wisdom and insight, and give some too, while networking with other participants.

Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government or any other business environment, the examples and specifics of this workshop will be tailored to specific needs. The instructor will ensure that examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.

Course Length

Four (4) hours




- Process capability indices
- Process performance indices
- Short-term and long term capability
- Process capability for non-normal data
- Process capability for attribute data
- Process capability studies
- Process performance vs. specification



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