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Creating Collaboration

Creating Collaboration This course/workshop is aimed at improving a team's ability to fully make a difference in their organizations. The material will educate and enable teams to begin to create collaboration in everyday activities. The material will be presented in an experiential learning environment through a number of presentations and exercises.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course/workshop, participants will understand:

- Different ways to effectively collaborate.
- The Eight I's That Create Successful We's.
- How communication and collaboration are related.
- Why collaboration is both an art and a science.

Participants will enjoy their time in this course/workshop by engaging in participatory and enlightening interaction, exercises, group work, and practice sessions. Team members will glean wisdom and insight - and give some too - as they network with other participants.

Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government or any other business environment, the examples and specifics of this course/workshop will be tailored to the organization's needs. The instructor will ensure that examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.

For Course Length and Cost

This course/workshop has been researched, developed and the material has been presented from a 2-day executive retreat to an hour presentation to such audiences as, but not limited to: Senior Leadership Teams, Management Council, Scientists, Statisticians, Project Management professionals and Business Analysts.


The course/workshop will address the following dimensions of collaboration and they are: Reports from the Field, Learning, Values, High Performing Organizations/Teams, Change, Leadership and Shared Values. Participants will learn how the various dimensions of collaboration contribute to individual and organizational effectiveness.



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