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Facilitator 101

Facilitator 101 To be an effective organizational employee in today's dynamic business environment, one must possess the basics of team dynamics and the awareness of the idiosyncrasies of the team environment. This four hour workshop will provide the participant with the knowledge of how to lead a group of individuals and transform them into a high performing team.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

- Lead or participate in problem solving/root cause analysis/continuous improvement/lean six sigma teams.
- Influence others whose help may be needed during the team activity.
- Provide hands on experience in a workshop setting on "how to" and "when to" use the various Team Tools.

Participants will enjoy the day by engaging in participatory and enlightening interaction, exercises, group work, and practice sessions. Team members will glean wisdom and insight and give some too as they network with other participants.

Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government or any other business environment, the examples and specifics of this workshop will be tailored to the organization's needs. The instructor will ensure that examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.

Course Length

4 Hours




- Introduction
- Types of Teams
- Foundations of a Team
- Team & Management's Roles
- What to do at the 1st Meeting
- How to Establish Project Team Goals, Roles & Procedures
- How to Have an Effective Team Meeting
- Team Dynamics
- Ingredients of a Successful Team
- How to Make Decisions on the Project Team
- How to Deal with Difficult Team Members/Conflict



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