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ISO Internal Auditor Training

The adoption of a quality management system (QMS) should be a strategic decision by an organization. The design and implementation of an organization's QMS is influenced by the:

- organizational environment, changes in that environment, and the risks to that environment,
- organization's varying needs,
- organization's particular objectives,
- products/services it provides,
- processes it employs, and
- size and structure of the organization

This International Standard (IS) requires that your organization conducts internal audits at planned intervals to determine whether the QMS:

- Conforms to the planned arrangements in Clause 8.1, to the requirements of this IS and to the QMS requirements established by the organization
- Is effectively implemented and maintained.

This course will prepare you to meet and or exceed the requirements spelled out in Clause 9.2 Internal Audit. It will also prepare your internal auditors to develop the skills needed to assess and report to your senior management on the conformance and effective implementation of processes. In addition, it will help your internal auditors learn how to contribute to the continual improvement of your QMS based on the ISO 9001:2015 IS.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

- Describe the role of internal audit in the maintenance and improvement of management systems
- Explain the purpose and structure of ISO 9001:2015
- Plan and prepare for an internal audit, gather objective evidence through observation, interview and sampling of documents and records
- Write factual audit reports that help to improve the effectiveness of your QMS, and
- Suggest ways in which the effectiveness of corrective action might be verified

Key Session Topics

- Coordinating effective skills in interactive workshops
- Identifying key activities for performing a successful audit
- Evaluating the significance of audit findings
- Improving communication skills for the presentation of findings
- Reporting the findings and evaluations
- Auditing continual improvement programs
- Developing and implementing corrective action programs

Participants will have opportunities to engage in enlightening interaction, hands on exercises, group work, and practice sessions. During the course, team members will glean wisdom and insight while networking with other participants.

Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government or any other business environment, the examples and specifics of this workshop will be tailored to specific needs. The instructor will ensure that examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.

Course Length

Two (2) days. For in-house sessions, our past experience recommends a third day to apply the knowledge acquired in training to a selection of your audits on your current audit plan depending on session size.


Participants are not expected to possess knowledge of auditing, QMS, or ISO 9001:2015 before attending the course.



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