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Lean Kaizen Events and Opportunity Resolution

All organizations have processes. As business evolves, an opportunity arises to examine processes to ensure they are as efficient and effective as they can be. Lean Kaizen Events and Opportunity Resolution activity is used to accomplish these goals.

Historically, organizations have assembled teams to address performance issues and make improvements over longer periods of time while team members are engaged in their present positions doing every day work. With Lean Kaizen Events, teams are brought together in a concentrated, full time effort {that normally lasts a week} to make the needed changes in a hands-on workshop environment. The activities include mapping their process, identifying non-value added inefficiencies and making changes to the process so it yields better, faster and more consistent results in any industry.

Quality Horizons, LLC Lean Kaizen Events one-day workshop provides all the skills and tools needed to make rapid improvements many times over in different parts of an organization.

Learning Objectives

- Understand how waste, value-added and non-vale added activities affect process efficiency.
- Scope lean projects that align with business objectives.
- Choose and apply the right combination of Lean tools to solve an array of business issues in any industry.
- Create meaningful and realistic Lean Kaizen event deliverables.
- Report Lean Kaizen Event deliverables to the Steering Committee.

Who Will Benefit by Attending

- Performance excellence practitioners who want to expand their knowledge of Lean Kaizen Events, Lean and Six Sigma practitioners and facilitators.
- Process owners and Champions.

Course Length

1 Day




The workshop will address the following tools associated with Lean Kaizen Events and they are: Value Stream Mapping, 5S, the Visual Factory, Standard Work, Pull Systems, Kanban, Total Productive Maintenance, Rapid Changeover and Mistake Proofing.



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